Sunday, August 22, 2010

The cabin

We had a wonderful week up north with the whole Berg clan a few weeks ago. Having Fr. John with us makes it all the more fun! We are so thankful to be able to go to the cabin, and make memories every year.


The Schultz Family said...

Wonderful pictures, Cath! I had such fun seeing you and your boys (little and big) this weekend. Maybe we can work out another visit this winter!

teresa anthony said...

Hi Catherine,

I loved seeing you, even though it was brief, at the wedding.

Greg and Ali's wedding was so beautiful, we spent the drive home and much of yesterday still talking about all the wonderful elements. Rose told her Grandma Anthony today that her favorite parts were "the kissing and the dancing." She's my little budding romantic. :)

I was able to look at all of your posts, all the way down to the belated Gemma birthday post. Such beautiful pictures. I am happy for you that you were able to have a burial for the baby - I'm sure it must have given you peace.

It looks like the Lord blessed your family with many wonderful memories this summer.

I love you so much!

God bless your new school year,

Love, Teresa

Lorrie and Fred said...

How beautiful and peaceful the lake setting is, and what wonderful memories for your children are formed there! Having Fr John there to say Mass and bring his playfulness and humor to all the activities is the icing on the cake!

Catherine Berg said...

Thanks for the comments! Love you all.