Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back home

This is our fort in our front yard that Tom dug out the day after we got back from Florida. Talk about a contrast, but it was really fun for the boys to say they built a sandcastle, and made a snow fort in the same week.


We had a wonderful time in Florida last week. The weather was gorgeous, and a nice break from our winter. We spent a lot of time with our friends, the Rooneys, who live in Naples, and Grandpa and Grandma Berg. The kids had the best time playing at the parks, swimming at the beach, eating ice cream, and fishing with Daddy. The last day Freddy and I took a pontoon ride to see Manatees. They are his favorite animal right now, and we got to see a bunch of them. We also saw some alligators and really incredible birds. Freddy even got to drive the boat for a little bit. It was an amazing vacation, but it is good to be back home.