Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frederick's first day of Kindergarten

Frederick started Kindergarten last week, and he is loving it. He goes 3 days a week. He looks so grown up (and adorable) in his uniform!

Labor Day

Labor day was a beautiful late summer day here in Minnnesota. We went to a hidden beach on lake Minnetonka with our friends, and the kids had a wonderful time. It was such a gorgeous day, I will have to look back at these pictures in the middle of January, and remember the Minnesota IS truly a wonderful place to live.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures from home and the State Fair

Gemma and Jack in their Iowa uniforms that a friend gave us. They look pretty cute in their jerseys, I'm not gonna lie.

Jack peacefully having a treat on our front porch.

The last 6 pictures are from the State Fair. We went last week, and it was a gorgeous day. We enjoyed rides, petting baby animals, and eating lots of yummy MN food. It was a great time.